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Chico Creek Professional Park-1-1
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Chico Creek Professional Park - Chico

This beautiful office complex was designed with a park like setting in mind. It is comprised of five separate buildings. The complex is currently occupied by a variety of professional businesses including law firms, medical providers and consultants. Hignell has been managing Chico Creek Professional Park since 1984.

Philadelphia Square 1-1
Philadelphia Square 3-1
Philadelphia Square 2-1
Philadelphia Square 6-1
Philadelphia Square 4-1

Philadelphia Square Office Building- Chico

This fully occupied 7 unit building in the Independence Circle complex in Chico was built in 1991 and has 5,756 square feet of rentable space. It is currently occupied by professional service companies including engineers, marketers, brokers and legal services.

Churn Creek (1)-1
Churn Creek (2)-1
Churn Creek (3)
Churn Creek (4)-1
Churn Creek (5)
Churn Creek (6)-1
Churn Creek (7)-1
Churn Creek (8)

Enterprise Plaza Business Complex - Redding

This Redding property is located on a 71,000 square foot lot across the street from Enterprise High School, on the corner of Churn Creek Road and Shirley Lane, with parking access from both roads. Enterprise Plaza consists of 15 office and medical units ranging in size from approximately 500 to 2700 square feet. These units are divided among four separate buildings and provide an easily visible and highly accessible location for a wide range of businesses which include Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California, The Math Tutoring Center, Richard Pepple, M.D., Artistry Aesthetics, The Law Offices of Walter P. McNeill, Integrated Ocular Prosthetics, Connected to Care Inc. and more.

Hartnell (1)-1
Hartnell (2)
Hartnell (3)-1
Hartnell (4)-1
Hartnell (5)-1
Hartnell (6)-1
Hartnell (7)-1

Hartnell Avenue Office Complex - Redding

Located on a 32,000 square foot lot with ample parking just across the street from Cobblestone Shopping Center, this two story office building, managed by The Hignell Companies since 2018, consists of fourteen units ranging in size from 200 to 1600 square feet, a kitchen area on both levels, as well as a main lobby which is accessed through the south entry door. This building is home to several businesses which include; Dent Pro, Dill Tax Service, ReMax, Five Star and North State PT & Rehab, just to name a few. With so many units managed by The Hignell Companies and more on the way, we are consistently presented with opportunities to build relationships with new and established businesses, helping us continue to provide owners and tenants with the most effective management possible.

Redcliff (1)-1
Redcliff (2)-1
Redcliff (3)-1
Redcliff (4)-1
Redcliff (5)
Redcliff (6)-1
Redcliff (7)-1
Redcliff (8)-1

Redcliff Office Complex - Redding

Driscoll's berry distributor and Brennan Financial Services occupy this extravagant, two unit, multi-level office building which totals in 5632 square feet and sits on a half-acre lot with ample parking. Patios, balconies and large sliding glass doors and windows on the back of the building overlook The Sacramento River, the downtown Redding area and the Bluffs on Hilltop. The Hignell Companies has been proudly managing this unique and beautiful commercial building since 2018 and we continue to have a successful relationship with our clients and tenants. Whether it's a well known and established company such as Driscoll's or a smaller local business, we'd be happy to help maintain mutually beneficial relationships to help ensure long lasting tenancy.

2550 Hwy 32-1-1
2550 Hwy 32-2-1

2550 Hwy 32 - Chico

This single-occupancy commercial property is at a great location on Hwy 32 and equipped with solar panels.

95 Declaration Drive1
95 Declaration Drive2-1
95 Declaration Drive3-1
95 Declaration Drive4-1
95 Declaration Drive5-1
95 Declaration Drive6-1

95 Declaration Drive - Chico

95 Declaration Drive is a unique commercial property that replicates the historic Mount Pleasant mansion built in 1761-62 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This stunning replica, constructed in 1989, brings the charm and grandeur of the past to a quiet and professional location.

3881 Benatar 1-1
3881 Benatar 2-1
3881 Benatar 3-1
3881 Benatar 4-1
3881 Benatar 5-1

3881 Benatar Way - Chico

This versatile commercial property offers a mix of office, retail, and warehouse spaces. Boasting eight suites, this multi-functional space is located right off Skyway in South Chico.

3880 Morrow Lane 1-2
3880 Morrow Lane 2-2
3880 Morrow Lane 3-2

3880 Morrow Lane - Chico

Located just down the street from the Mendocino National Forest's seed orchard, this property was built in 1998 and has a newly paved parking lot.

680 Rio Lindo1-1
680 Rio Lindo2-1
680 Rio Lindo3-1
680 Rio Lindo4-1

680 Rio Lindo Ave - Chico

Conveniently located at Hwy 99 and Cohasset and near Enloe medical facilities, this office space is currently home to Half a Bubble Out Leadership & Business Development and Pillsbury Associates.

2540 Zanella 1-1
2540 Zanella 2-1

2540 Zanella Way - Chico

This property located in South Chico was built in 2002, and features six units designed for mixed use, combining office and warehouse spaces.

1335 Buenaventura 1-1
1335 Buenaventura 2-1
1335 Buenaventura 3-1

1335 Buenaventura - Redding

The property at 1335 Buenaventura in Redding, seamlessly combines medical facilities and office spaces. This location proudly houses North Valley Breast Clinic and Redding Rancheria as prominent tenants, creating a hub of healthcare and professional excellence.

1320 Yuba 1-1
1320 Yuba 2-1
1320 Yuba 3-1
1320 Yuba 4-1

1320 Yuba - Redding

Situated in the heart of downtown, 1320 Yuba in Redding, is a refurbished landmark office building. Contributing to the revitalization of downtown Redding, this iconic property is home to a diverse range of tenants including Miramar Technologies, Redding Fashion Alliance, Friday’s Vintage Collective, Children’s Legacy Center, and Record Searchlight.

457 Knollcrest 1-1
457 Knollcrest 2-1
457 Knollcrest 3-1

457 Knollcrest - Redding

This property is a professional building with Lab24 and The Wealth Consultant Group as tenants.

340 Hartnell 1-1
340 Hartnell 2-1
340 Hartnell 3-1

340 Hartnell - Redding

The property at 340 Hartnell in Redding is a prestigious Class A building situated within the Cobblestone office park. This location is home to professional tenants including Evanhoe, Kellogg & Co. CPA and Roberts C Shoff, DDS.

280 hemsted 1
280 hemsted 2-1
280 hemsted 3-1
280 hemsted 4
280 hemsted 5-1
280 hemsted 6-1

280 Hemsted - Redding

The Class A office building located at 280 Hemsted in Redding, is positioned along the serene Sacramento River. This tenants include Black Bear Diner corporate office, Pre-Employ.com, and Edward Jones, adding to the stature of the property.

hilltop professional building 1
hilltop professional building 2-1
hilltop professional building 3-1
hilltop professional building 4-1
hilltop professional building 5-1

Hilltop Professional Building - Redding

The Hilltop Professional Building in Redding is a boutique office building that fosters a unique community of local tenants. From Shasta Beam and Greve Chiropractic to True North Realty and Northstate Foot and Ankle Specialists, this building exudes a collaborative and professional atmosphere.

AAA 1-1
AAA 2-1
AAA 3-1

AAA - Redding

This standalone, single-use building has a NNN lease in place and is located within a bustling major retail center. It proudly houses AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah as the esteemed tenant, offering essential services to the community.

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