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Lassen Road Offices1-1
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Lassen Road Offices3-1
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Lassen Road Offices - Chico

This commercial property has three units and a total of 17,906 square feet of rentable space. Built in 1985, it has been under Hignell management since 2013.


Veterans Administration Building - Chico

The VA Building is a 53,101 square foot building built in 2019. It has been under management with The Hignell Companies since July of 2019. Hignell maintains a full time onsite facility manager for this client due to the significant complexities and needs of this organization.


California Highway Patrol Dispatch Office - Chico

This large commercial building is the home of the California Highway Patrol Dispatch headquarters just south of Chico. It comprises 37, 230 square feet of building space spread out over 5.9 acres and was built in 2018.

Shasta Lake Post Office (1)-1
Shasta Lake Post Office (2)-1
Shasta Lake Post Office (3)-1

Shasta Lake Post Office - Shasta Lake

Sitting on nearly a half-acre lot on Front Street in Shasta Lake, this well maintained 4080 square foot single unit commercial building constructed in 1968 is currently home to The US Post Office. The lot is highly visible from Shasta Dam Blvd., Shasta Lake City's busiest street and the land to building ratio of this property provides plenty of space for parking.

1370 E Lassen1-1
1370 E Lassen2-1
1370 E Lassen3-1
1370 E Lassen4-1
1370 E Lassen5-1
1370 E Lassen6-1
1370 E Lassen7-1
1370 E Lassen8jpg
1370 E Lassen9-1

1370 E Lassen Ave - Chico

Home to Chico SSA, Dept. of Rehabilitation, and Five Star Bank, this property in North Chico boasts a beautiful landscape with ample shade. It was built in 1985 and has a recently remodeled interior.

Oroville Social Security 1-1
Oroville Social Security 2-1
Oroville Social Security 3-1
Oroville Social Security 4-1
Oroville Social Security 5-1
Oroville Social Security 6-1
Oroville Social Security 7)

Oroville Social Security Administration

Home to Oroville SSA, this single-occupancy commercial property was built in 2008 and is strategically located on the north side of town.


381 Hemsted1-1
381 Hemsted2-1
381 Hemsted3-1
381 Hemsted4-1
381 Hemsted5-1
381 Hemsted6-1
381 Hemsted7-1
381 Hemsted8-1
381 Hemsted9-1
381 Hemsted10-1
381 Hemsted11-1

381 Hemsted - Redding 

This property is a Class B office building that houses CAL-OSHA and the Red Bluff Parole Office. 

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Thank you for your assistance in leasing the apartments at The Arcadian. Your knowledge, hard work and professionalism greatly contributed to a successful outcome for a unique property in the Chico market. In particular I appreciate your help with marketing the property and targeting the right communication strategy. As a result of our very positive experience with you, we will look forward to working with you on future projects." – Thomas van Overbeek, General Partner, Chico Partners

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